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  • The life of an Escort Lady: Part 2

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The life of an Escort Lady: Part 2 Escort77

The life of an Escort Lady: Part 2

During this interview, we asked all kinds of questions about Escort, Dates, Sex, and Experiences.

The second part of our interview blog is about an Escort Lady who has been with us a little longer, actually for years. Anyone who had the pleasure to meet this Call Girl or to book her once knows that this fiery temper has not only a fantastically well-trained body but also an open mind and lots of sex appeal. With her natural way and sweet laugh, she joined Escort77 as an Escort Lady in Berlin a while ago. This did not only result in greater cooperation, but also in a close friendship. What she experienced as an Escort Lady in Berlin so far, you can read here:


The coolest date so far?

When someone asks me what the coolest Date I've ever been on so far is, I can think of twenty, she tells us with a smile. If you're a positive person, your charm attracts such customers. I try to make the best out of every Date and so I only have great Dates. But I would be lying if I didn't say that there was one Date that I remember particularly well, and that was an Escort Date with a visit to Europapark. Definitely the greatest experience as an Escort Lady, very adventurous and exciting.


What is actually the motivation for a young woman to work as an escort lady?

I can immediately say that without further thought. I love to get to know new people and cultures and of course to spend a nice time together with great conversations and romantic moments and I think that this is what Escorting offers.




With all the different experiences with different people and cultures, did you have a particularly nice experience?

My most beautiful and also most exciting experiences so far have been the holidays and short trips. I get always a fast heartbeat from the unknown when you don't know what to expect or who is expecting someone. The freedom that comes with it is also a great incentive for me and is simply part of my life.


Does it still happen that you get nervous before an appointment?

Most of the time not, because I am a very open and relaxed person and I love to be around people anyway. I am usually happy to get to know all kinds of people, so you don't think about anything else. Just when it comes to special Dates, I get a little nervous sometimes. But I already said that every date is special, what I mean are specifically short trips, theater visits, etc. 


Is there anything special you like about a customer?

If he's open and funny and likes to have a nice conversation. As an Escort Lady, you must be able to have thrilling and interesting conversations with different clients who have different interests. Getting to know each other is very important to me, and I always try to find out what exactly the customer is looking for and what kind of person he is. It is also important for me that he likes foreplay during sex just as much as the sex itself. And of course, a good white wine should not be missing at the end.


When asked if she's a sex expert, she tells us:

Everyone sees it differently and it often depends very much on the situation, the customer and what exactly he is looking for. But I think that I already know what I like and what I am doing sexually. I also think it is very nice when the man takes over the expert part, you never stop learning. Actually, I have lots of fun with my work and I think that is the most important thing.


Do you like BDSM? 

No, definitely not. Anyone who's ever booked me knows I'm more of a girlfriend type. Scenes like in "Fifty Shades of Grey" just don't suit me and my personality. I am the type of woman who likes to cuddle and hug and the time with me is better than in Fifty Shades of Grey, especially if you are not into that. 


Maybe more role plays then?

Just like BDSM, my enthusiasm for role-playing games is also quite limited. I just don't find myself in the world of masks, I prefer to show who I really am without any games.




Since not every customer can be the perfect gentleman, you have certainly experienced unpleasant situations, we would also like to know more about this side of the Escort Work. What are the no-go's of an appointment and where are your limits?

No-gos are a difficult topic, there are of course dates that degenerate into this, but this is rarely the case. Personally, I rather think that there are not so nice dates as for example when you enter the hotel room and your clothes are “ripped off your body” without a proper greeting. Or also when you are touched directly “harder”. Such things are definitely something you don't wish for or I find very unpleasant. My limits are hard to cross because I am open for everything as long as it is within the normal range.


Does it sometimes happen that a woman books you or maybe a couple? 

This kind of thing doesn't happen often. Only men book me and as for couples, I prefer to focus on just one person.


What kind of personality should somebody possess to make it as an escort lady?

You should definitely have a strong personality, for example, I am an energetic bomb :) I like to spend my free days with sports and if the weather allows a nice ride with my ponies. I love animals more than anything and horses are definitely my number one. From my personality, I am not a house type, I love to be outside, whether in the city or in nature, whether during the day or in the evening, but no parties, I like it a little quieter. If the weather is sometimes not playing along, I treat myself to a quiet evening at home with a good film or a great book.


As we are slowly coming to the end, we would like to ask if you have a suggestion for customers who are booking for the first time?

Definitely! Before that, have a glass of wine, a cocktail or even just a glass of water together to get to know each other and relax. Shyness and tension will disappear immediately and the date will be a guaranteed success.


Customer feedback:

My dear - I had the best time with you in Berlin. Lovely to make your acquaintance both evenings. Please do not be a stranger! I hope to be back someday, but always love to hear what my friends and acquaintances are up to wherever I am. 

Love and respect, Bob. 



Maybe a little advice for new ladies, for the young women who are reading this right now and think if they should take this step in their life?

Yeah, just do it, don't think about it. And something very important, always be yourself. Wear what you would wear on a normal date where you would think before. "He's so hot, maybe there's more going on tonight, I better put on my nice underwear". Never go beyond your own limits, because not everyone can live with it if they are no longer true to themselves. Just give it a try, it's a great experience.



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