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For same day bookings: choose 1. Lady and call us at 0175 7700 770. It is always advisable to also name a second favourite, in case the first should be prevented. 2.send your data by SMS: Name, address (room number), time, expected date duration. Optional information about the local conditions such as red single-family house or for hotel bookings that the room card is required, if necessary, special requests such as clothing or service. 1. You will receive a confirmation from us usually within 15 min. with the arrival time. In detail: You choose a suitable lady on our site and call us at 0175 7700 770 for the booking. Of course, we can also advise you in detail, which lady meets their preferences. Should it be a submissive lady? Blonde? Large bust size? Extroverted? You set the premises. Of course, you can also compare the ladies yourself in peace. To do this, use the filter function of the website to filter the ladies according to their preference.
Book without risk. All pictures of the escorts correspond to reality. If they still do not like the lady, you can cancel the appointment at the beginning of the date. There is a travel fee of 30 euros. Just call us, we are always anxious to provide an alternative even at short notice.
Upon receiving our confirmation, please anticipate a 1-2 hour travel time for your appointment. We will provide you with the precise arrival time via phone. Kindly consider that the escort needs time to prepare for the date, and traffic conditions may also influence the duration of the journey.
The sooner you make a reservation, the greater the chances of securing a date with your preferred companion. Our escort girls often have regular jobs or are students, providing their services in Berlin as a side gig. If you are unsure of the exact time due to being in Berlin a week later, you can still book and set a time frame, for example, between 7 pm and 9 pm. Generally, spontaneous bookings are also possible, as long as they are made no later than 1 hour before the intended appointment.
All data will be used exclusively for the booking and deleted after a successful date. Unless you expressly request it to no longer have to transmit data for regular bookings.
We are happy to convey their preferences to the respective lady, please remember to let us know in time.
Please simply hand over to the beginning of the date the appropriate Euro sum in an open envelope to the lady. Should the date be outside of Berlin, the date can only take place after a deposit has been made. We also accept Krypto payment.
You can book the lady to get to know also first of all one hour and extend in the date, in which you communicate this to the lady. However, please tell us before the date how much time you have planned approximately and that you want to extend in sympathy. Because if in the meantime a new booking arrives and you have not told us anything, the lady can no longer extend.
The ladies visit you generally always discreet, unless it is expressly requested otherwise. The wish for discretion is desired by both sides, i.e. even if you go with the lady to the restaurant or to an event, she also wants to keep the appearance of a normal date. Please remember to make us aware of special circumstances such as a backyard, side wing or other, so that the lady does not have to look for a long time.
You can see the more precise language skills in the respective profile. If it says German, the lady also speaks fluent German.
Some ladies offer outdoor sex itself, but for legal reasons not in public. That is, for example, you can book the lady in their garden or estate, but not in a public park.

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