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  • The life of an Escort Lady: Part 1

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The life of an Escort Lady: Part 1 Escort77

The life of an Escort Lady: Part 1

To bring the term Escort a little bit closer to our readers, customers and future employees, we decided to do a little interview with some of our ladies.

To bring the term Escort a little bit closer to our readers, customers and future employees, we decided to do a little interview with some of our ladies. During this interview, we asked all kinds of questions about Escort, Dates, Sex, and Experiences. The Ladies describe us their funniest and coolest dates, nicest clients and the experience they have gained in the Escort Industry so far. They explain to us what an Escort Lady does and what are the advantages of the work. Each of them individually describes their customer experiences. We did our first interview with our call girl from Escort77, she hasn't been with us so long, but slowly making a name for oneself as a wonderful and likable Escort Lady. She tells us about the incentive to work as an Escort Girl and gives tips and advice for all newcomers and curious people who would try themselves on an Escort Date. Here starts the adventure of Escort77:


How would you describe yourself?  


Hmm, let's see, a down-to-earth, normal and sincere young woman, who likes to read a good book before going to bed, likes to go out, but for whom no world would break down if she stayed at home. I like to spend my free time in the sauna and fitness or at the cinema with friends. I enjoy my work very much and I get the greatest satisfaction when I see that my customers were also satisfied.


Which date is the first one that comes to your mind when you think of a very cool date?


I've definitely had some cool Escort Dates in Berlin so far. Dates with a nice dinner and a glass of wine are always very nice and such dates are always well remembered. But I also always try to create a cool date for the client, because I don't want to be the only one who remembers the great date. The customer should remember me and our time together for a long time.


What is the incentive to work in Escort Service?


I never really thought much about what encouraged this? The curiosity, the thrilling adventure or my need to meet new and interesting people? But the incentive also lies in the motivation to meet the challenge and give to the customer exactly what he is looking for. 




What was the best experience so far? 


For me, the best experiences are those where the chemistry is just right. I am sometimes surprised when I see how well I can function with another person in such a short time. The compatibility that I have with some customers is simply overwhelming. It is always a great experience when I have good communication with someone and we get along great. 


Are you tense before an appointment?


Yes, yes and 1000 times, yes :) But that's exactly why I love this work so much. It is not classical tension or fear, it is simply a feeling of joy and curiosity and uncertainty about who is about to stand in front of you.


Is there anything special you like about a customer?


I like it when a man is clean and when he pays attention to how he looks like, I think this is important for every woman, no matter if you work as an Escort Lady or not. The man can look like an Adonis, but if he hasn't seen the shower for three days, that's a real turn-off. What I personally like is when the man tells me what he is going to do with me, the situation is sometimes so aroused that we don't even make it to the bed ;)


When asked if she is a sex expert, she explains:


I personally do not see myself as a sex expert and I do not think it is up to me to judge. Sure, I know a few tricks, but that's all I'm going to tell (smile). A woman has to know how to deal with her femininity and recognize the needs of a man. Every man is different and so are their wishes and needs, it is up to every good escort lady to recognize and feel them.


You seem to know the wishes of the men well, did you also have female customers or couples?


Only a woman unfortunately not, but couples, yes, and I must say that it is completely different than having only a man in bed. I had my concerns about couples in the beginning, but I've had nothing but great experiences so far. And for many couples also like to repeat and extend the appointments, I think they had also a good time with me.


Do you like role-playing? 


Yes, very! Role-playing is my great passion and my way to reinvent myself every day. Whether a nurse should do a medical investigation on you, or have a stewardess land your plane, I'm really giving myself up to my roles. To make it natural and as authentic as possible, I always have my costumes with me, so don't be afraid to rip off the panties of your spoiled school girl and give her a slap on the ass.




Since you don't mind getting your butt slapped, does that mean you're into BDSM too? 


No, it doesn't mean. I like to play the naughty schoolgirl who is punished by her teacher, but I set the limit there. Pain and aggressiveness are definitely my limits and I don't like to cross those lines. I know so many other nice things to have fun together, but bruises are not part of it.


Is BDSM the only no-go on your dates? 


Yes and no, because being polite also plays a big role. Not every customer has to bring me lilies, but a nice welcome, friendly conversation or tenderness in bed is enough. Rude clients don`t need an escort lady and I prefer to break off such appointments. I want the time spent together to be beautiful and special for both.


Would you have a suggestion for customers booking for the first time? 


I know that most people think that it is best to have someone with a lot of experience for the first time, but I'm afraid I can't agree with that. I have not been an Escort Lady in Berlin for so long and have been booked by clients who book an escort lady for the first time in their lives. It is understandable that it is easier for such customers to have a newcomer with them because it is something new for both of them, they can "make a fool of themselves" together and just laugh about it.


Any advice for new ladies who are doing Escort for the first time?


For all newcomers I have a little advice, everyone who is just thinking about Escort, do it! It's something new and something wonderful when you can explore your sexuality over and over again. You learn so much about other people and especially about yourself, it is a great experience and you never work alone. You have a great agency that has your back, is always there for you and treats you like family. I dared to do it and I can only say that I'm so glad that I finally took the step because so many new opportunities have opened up that I never expected in my life. It's definitely worth a try.


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