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  • How do I become an Escort lady in Germany?

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How do I become an Escort lady in Germany? Escort77

How do I become an Escort lady in Germany?

Everyone knows or has heard of the term escort. The term Escort developed from the simple word companion.

Everyone knows or has heard of the term escort. The term Escort developed from the simple word companion. Escort - service that offers an escort. In the escort business, it was the women and it is still partly they who make up the majority of the business. In order to clear up possible prejudices, we clarify what an escort lady is, how an escort agency works and what a lady who wants to become an escort service must bring with her. We also explain the agency's important role in the escort industry and clear away prejudices about stereotypes.


What does Escort mean?

There is hardly a part-time job that offers more freedom and in addition, is as varied and varied as that of an escort or escort lady. Although many people associate the date escort lady with prostitution, there are worlds between the two terms. While women who work in a brothel can also make hotel or house visits, the appointments of an escort lady are always very short. Her only sense and role is the sexual satisfaction of the customer.

An escort lady, on the other hand, never puts sexual services in the foreground. Escorts are not only "companions", but also ideal conversation partners, shoulders to cry on, great listeners and perfect advisors for every situation.

The work as an escort service brings with it many advantages, which one can and should use for oneself in any case.




Escort Job / Respect Job

A part-time job as an escort service offers young women the opportunity to meet successful businessmen, improve their standard of living and broaden their horizons while entering a different world every day. A world that they reinvent every day, that always gives them the opportunity to experience something new and exciting and that brings new adventures every day.

The escort ladies provide their social service for a fee fixed by the agency in advance. The length of the meeting is agreed between the client and the escort agency, in agreement with the escort lady. Appointments take place either in hotels or at private addresses, whereby the lady goes on dinner dates, visits various events or serves as a perfect travel companion. Escort ladies adapt perfectly to the wishes of their clientele. It is consent between two parties, which is special not only because of the erotic charms but also because of the interpersonal communication, in which both parties know their respective purpose.



Characteristics of an escort lady

To become an escort lady, a woman must have certain qualities. With regard to our clients, who are usually very rich businessmen or diplomats, the requirements are also higher than in the average agencies, where they can make bookings for just a few euros. The clients who can afford this exclusive service have correspondingly high demands, which an escort service should feel.

Men enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman, it strengthens her self-confidence and shows her status. However, successful men find it difficult to find a steady partner who often lacks the time or courage to approach women. That's where we come in! An escort lady, also known as a Call Girl, must be able to feel these demands. A lady for escorts is not only because of the appearance but because of the charming personality, strong character or seductive charm. A man should be able to play with his femininity and take what he is, not hide or pretend to be something he is not. A good conversation with a pinch of humor is often worth more than a large bust. Therefore, in order to dispel any prejudices about stereotypes that claim that an escort lady should have model measurements, let's clarify:

Often it is enough to be self-confident and open for new experiences and insights. A sense of style and sensuality are perfectly sufficient to be an up-and-coming and respected escort lady. However, a well-groomed appearance is not only desired, but it is also a duty. The customers love to show the company of a great woman in bars, restaurants or theatres.

Therefore, the lady's wardrobe is also very important, the sneakers and sportswear is an absolute no-go. The men, who can afford the service of an escort lady, also expect style and taste to a certain extent, but with a casual or business look, a woman can never be wrong. However, one should also be flexible in the case that the customer wants to live out a certain fantasy, such as a student look or similar.

Reserved and shy women find it difficult to find their way in the escort business, because of their shyness and seclusion they seem rather inhibited and insecure, whereas the communication with the customer leads to boring conversations, which are not appreciated. Generally, at important business meetings, only escort ladies are booked who are more eloquent and who can also speak at such appointments. Since different clients also come from different milieus, the adaptation of the lady is very important, as an escort, you have to be flexible enough to face unforeseen situations.

The experience at the beginning of the work does not play such a big role, it is important to show determination, willpower, and consistency. The experience then comes by itself with time. Everyone starts from scratch, the only important thing is to keep an eye on the goal.



Role of an escort agency

How big the role of an escort agency for an expectant escort lady is depended solely on the woman. Due to lack of information, many escort agencies confuse pimping with escort agencies, which is actually the complete opposite, because they do not work for the escort agency, but the agency works for them. Escort agencies are there to bring escort ladies to the customers, it takes a lot of time, effort and expensive marketing to make a name for yourself in this industry, so it is very important to discover a good agency for yourself, which offers security and filter customers. In short, escort agencies are intermediaries between clients and escort ladies. The lady pays the agency a prearranged and by the agency fixed percentage for the respective dates, which the escort agency has arranged. The agencies usually serve to make the ladies' work easier, to filter out the best customers and to make busy escort ladies out of them. An application is made very quickly, simply send a few pictures and the personal telephone number to the agency to organize an interview. Personal meetings between the expectant escort lady and the escort agency usually take place as a casting, where you can perceive the functionality of the agency, its organization and whether you can see yourself in the respective agency in the future. The escort agencies check-in such interviews whether the respective ladies correspond to the politics of the agency and are material for cooperation. You should come suitably dressed and show a confident appearance, charm, and open-mindedness also plays a very important role.

Perhaps not all questions could be answered exactly or not every topic well understood, but we have tried to bring the core and meaning of the matter to expecting escort ladies. One should choose an agency that strengthens one's back, sticks to the agreements and offers the best financial income. It is important to always keep an eye on the significant points of convergence and to be open to new ideas. Everything else comes automatically.










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