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Escort77 Berlin -everything you should know about anal sex Escort77

Escort77 Berlin -everything you should know about anal sex

While one could still guess what French sex is, Greek sex is a mystery to most.

While one could still guess what French sex is, Greek sex is a mystery to most. Anal sex is hidden under the code name "Greek Sex". The description probably goes back to ancient times, in which sexual partnerships between men were considered to be particularly noble and pure, which means, of course, not that the sexual practice was carried out exclusively by homosexual couples, but that the partnerships between men were held in a highly respected position exercised. Anal sex has been practiced a lot in the past, so it's not a novelty of modern times. Since virginity used to be the greatest asset of every woman, an alternative was needed to maintain virginity and still have sex, so anal sex was a great way to combine the two. This sex practice was used and practiced with great preference from antiquity to almost the 19th century, and this preference only decreased at the beginning of the 19th century.


In anal sex, the man inserts his penis into the partner's anus. A change from normal sex, where more and more men find pleasure in it. They love penetrating the woman's anus because it is sometimes much narrower than the female vagina and thus the intensity during sex is increased even more. The feeling of tightness and emotions is particularly exciting for many men. A woman's orgasm also causes her sphincter to contract, which leads to additional stimulation of the male genital organ. The opening of the anus is controlled by the sphincter. However, because this usually only opens when you go to the restroom, a little pressure has to be exerted on the outside to went in ;). Good anal sex also includes good preparation, from hygiene to lubricant, nothing should be left to chance. You should also prepare well so that the penis penetrates more easily. The limb movement requires rest and concentration and should be done slowly and in a controlled manner. 


To clear up the eternal discussions about anal sex, we explain in the course of the text why anal sex is not s dirty form of sex and why one should finally dispel the prejudices that anal sex hurts. Prejudices that anal sex is a sexual practice where there is a lack of hygiene are repeatedly wrongly accused. Researchers have proven for years that there are no dangerous bacteria in the anus. But it is usually the female population who is ashamed of this sex practice. They are ashamed of unpleasant smells or brown spots on the paints, neither of which happens with normal cleanliness handling and some preparation. You should remember how to best prepare for anal sex in a few steps.




First, you should never try anal intercourse with a quick number, anal is made to do it slowly and in a controlled manner, so anal sex is a bad fit for a quickie. In the heat of the moment, control is often forgotten, and good advice would be to slow down your pace. We all know that the tightness around the penis can take your mind, but use caution if you have already penetrated your partner a few centimeters with the erect member. It would be best if you let the sex partner take the lead so that she can determine how deep the lovemaking should go. Relax the sex partner and give him the necessary confidence and self-confidence that nothing can go wrong. To loosen the tension a bit and not forget the hygiene, you can e.g. take a relaxing bath together or shower together.


Be sure to use a lubricant. Good anal sex shouldn't be dry, because you risk pain and injury. Sensitivity and patience are required during anal sex, so first stimulate the anus with your tongue or fingers. Make circular movements to relax the sphincter, which by massaging the many sensitive nerve endings also increases the excitement. Sex toys are often used to increase arousal even more. With today's variety of sex shops that advertise a variety of sex products, the selection of colorful toys is very large and available almost everywhere. Many of these toys have a lust-increasing vibration mode, which is a real “must-have” in bed, especially during anal sex. Anal plugs or chains that add that certain something to lovemaking is particularly recommended.


Anal sex is also practiced in different positions like normal sex, but some positions are better suited for this sex practice than others. The best positions that you should try during anal sex are doggy style, the Matterhorn, the rider, spoon position and of course sex while standing. Let's start with the classic anal sex position and the most common sex position for anal sex. The doggy style is particularly suitable for beginners and those who have not yet achieved complete relaxation.




The sex partner is on all fours, with the man kneeling behind her. This position is particularly relaxed for women, as it allows them to take a relaxed posture and by leaning forward the woman can determine the depth of penetration. The Matterhorn may not be known to everyone, but for those who plan to practice anal, try this sex position. The control belongs to the woman, it not only determines how deep it goes but also the pace and angle. For everyone with a question mark over their heads, here's how it works: The woman kneels wide-legged in front of a stack of pillows and her hands are on top. While the sex partner slowly penetrates from behind, she can move back and forth as desired, with the upper body at a 45-degree angle. The rider has probably tried every dominant woman in life during normal sex. Control here is due to the woman straddling the man while he is lying on his back. The fact that anal sex can also be intimate is shown by the spoon position, in which there is a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. It gets intimate due to the many skin contact in which you lie behind the sex partner and enclose her with the arms. Then pull both legs together and penetrate the anus bit by bit. And the last, but no less important sex position is the position for advanced, anal sex while standing. They stand closely behind each other and are supported on a wall. The woman stretches her butt back as you grasp her hips and slowly enter her.


If you do it right and follow the tips we have detailed above, anal sex becomes a special and exciting joyfull game for both. Your sex life will be brought to a new level and your experiences will be excitingly expanded. Anal sex has long ceased to be a taboo subject and should be included in every bedroom. An escort agency will be happy to help you make new experiences and overcome the challenge and fear of the unknown. Find an experienced escort lady in Berlin who will make your anal act as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Let yourself go and book the night of your life today.





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