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Become a partner - Camgirls77 Escort77

Become a partner - Camgirls77

If you are wondering how easy it is to earn money safely from home, you should definitely take a few minutes to read this text.

Whether you are an escort owner, an escort lady working in an agency or an independent escort model, you all have the opportunity to earn money from home. The Corona pandemic has caused large financial damage for all of us, brothels and massage salons have been closed, escort agencies have been shut down. Our work has been put on hold for an uncertain period of time and for many of us, existential fears and insecurity are slowly accumulating. Rents, electricity bills or buying groceries are already becoming a problem for many because money is limited and the end of the corona pandemic is not yet in sight. How can you secure your future and existence from the comfort of your own home? The answer is Webcamming. Webcam Girls are now more in request than ever, and the trend is rising! And why should it not be? Flexible working hours, independence of location and the security that you have an income every month. You, as an escort owner, now have the possibility to promote your ladies, who are currently sitting at home, as webcam models on our website. 




With a Studio Manager profile, you will always have a commission on each of your ladies. The more the ladies you promote on our site as Webcam Girls, the higher your percentage will be. With our affiliate system, where a commercial provider usually pays his sales partners through commissions, you have a win-win situation on both sides. The affiliate system is also often called partner program or partner marketing. Affiliates advertise the products and services of other companies on their websites and receive a commission for this. The escort owners will no longer be competitors but will sit down together so that both sides can benefit. The partners promote the camgirls on their websites and receive their profit part. You, as an escort owner, can keep your agency in business and guarantee your escort ladies a secure income.


For all escort ladies who work in an agency or are self-employed, the same variant with the same solution is possible. You are welcome to create your own profile on our website or contact us and we will create it for you within a few minutes. The commission is the same for every webcam girl at the beginning, but with frequent streaming and a lot of visitors, the commission increases and the prices for the customers can be determined by you. You can also use the partner marketing by registering other webcam girls on our website as performers. From each of the other cam models, you get an extra percentage.

The Corona pandemic has brought us an unprecedented situation, it is up to us to make the best of it. We are available as partners for all those who do not want to just sit around at home, who want to secure their existence today and for all those who are open to new things. We make the best of it, do you?



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