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  • French Without a Condom: Consequences for Escort Clients and Escort Ladies

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French Without a Condom: Consequences for Escort Clients and Escort Ladies

Learn about the legal, health, and psychological implications of protected oral sex in the escort industry and understand why using condoms is essential for both clients and escort ladies.

French eroticism is a staple for most couples when it comes to sex. Oral play is especially popular as foreplay, used to heat things up for both partners. Escort ladies also enjoy providing oral pleasure to their clients. However, as steamy as the atmosphere may be during an escort date, it's essential to prioritize safety, even during a good blowjob. In the escort industry, protection against sexually transmitted diseases through the use of a condom is crucial, even during oral sex. This article will discuss the legal aspects and the consequences for escort clients and escort ladies when engaging in oral sex without a condom.


Legal Aspects

Escort ladies are subject to the Prostitute Protection Act (shortly ProstSchG), which was passed in October 2016. This law covers registration requirements, safety, and health protection. The most relevant aspect for escort clients and escort ladies is § 32 The Condom Requirement: "Customers and prostitutes must ensure that condoms are used during sexual intercourse." This requirement does not merely apply to actual intercourse or sex but includes vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse. The only exception to the condom requirement is the so-called handjob, where the woman "gets the man off."

French Eroticism in the Escort World

Escort ladies always carry a sufficient number of condoms with them, often in various sizes. If escort clients need special sizes, it's essential to inform the escort agency when booking or to carry enough condoms themselves. All escort ladies at  Escort77 gladly offer the classic blowjob to get you in the mood. But not without protection! The escort ladies will put the condom on you so skillfully that you won't even notice you're wearing one.


Blowjob without a Condom with an Escort Lady

Would you still like to have oral sex without a condom with one of our escort ladies? In that case, we must advise you against the booking. Our escort ladies are subject to the ProstSchG and adhere to the law, which requires using a condom for oral sex. If you persuade or pressure the escort lady to perform a blowjob without a condom, she has the right to end the date immediately. In this case, you must still pay the escort lady's full fee. If the escort lady has already received the fee, as recommended by our agency, you will not receive a refund for the remaining time, regardless of the date's duration.

Consequences for Clients Engaging in a Blowjob without a Condom

Not only will you be required to pay the full fee if the lady ends the date immediately, but you may also face legal consequences. If the escort lady reports you, you could be fined up to €50,000. The fine's amount depends on whether the oral sex was committed negligently or intentionally. If you pressured or forced the escort lady, this would be considered intentional, and you can expect a higher fine than if you "forgot" the condom in the heat of the moment. In addition to the fine, you will only be able to book ladies with a deposit at our agency. This means you must transfer the full fee to the agency before booking. If you bring up the topic again or pressure the lady into having unprotected oral sex, the escort lady will end the date, and we will pay her the full amount of your deposit.

Physical Consequences

The purpose of this law is to protect both clients and escort ladies from potential sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge in society often leads people to believe that oral sex does not transmit diseases like syphilis. This is a misconception. It is not impossible for gonorrhea to be transmitted from the active partner (the escort lady) to the passive partner (the escort client). The common herpes virus, often seen on the lips, is highly contagious and can quickly turn into genital herpes. Even without visible herpes on the lips, a woman may still be a carrier of the virus and infect you or your genitals.


Consequences for Escort Ladies

As mentioned in § 32 of the ProstSchG, "customers and clients must ensure." In reality, unprotected oral sex has no legal consequences for the escort lady. However, just because there are no legal consequences doesn't mean she won't face any consequences.

Physical Consequences

We've briefly touched on sexually transmitted diseases, but they are the primary reason for the condom requirement. The condom requirement protects you and the escort lady from various diseases. Yes, several diseases can be transmitted during a blowjob without a condom. The most well-known is the HIV virus. While many people believe HIV cannot be transmitted through oral sex, it can happen under certain circumstances. This is especially true if the man ejaculates in the lady's mouth, and she has small injuries in her oral mucosa, leading to HIV transmission. However, this is probably the worst-case scenario for sexually transmitted diseases. An HPV infection can cause genital warts and cervical cancer in the genital area. If the infection occurs in the mouth and throat area, the risk of developing larynx or tonsil cancer increases significantly. Other transmissible diseases include syphilis, gonorrhea (clap), and herpes.

Psychological Consequences

Many of our escort ladies are young women in their early 20s. They are easily influenced, often inexperienced, and may find it challenging to stand up for themselves with older men. Young women may also be blackmailed or pressured to the point where they feel they have no choice but to allow oral sex without a condom. Forcing a young lady to do something she doesn't want to can have a significant impact on her self-esteem and self-confidence. Women who are not psychologically stable may become depressed, engage in self-harm, or develop lifelong attachment disorders with men due to coercion. It often becomes difficult for these ladies to continue working as escorts, and young students may find themselves in severe financial trouble. For some young ladies, this can be similar to rape, and the consequences are just as severe.

What Else is Considered Taboo in the Escort World?

In addition to sexual preferences that can cause physical and psychological harm to the escort lady, such as hitting, tying up, or other practices that submit or humiliate her, it is essential to maintain mutual anonymity and respect each other's wishes.

This means for escort clients

  • Do not ask the escort lady for her private phone number.
  • The escort lady's real name remains secret.
  • Accept if the escort lady does not want to answer certain questions.
  • Do not stalk, threaten, or harass escort ladies.

A clear "No!" means "No!". If an escort lady doesn't want to do something, that must be respected.

Overall, it is important to be aware of the legal, physical and psychological consequences that unprotected oral sex can bring for both parties. The well-being of the escort lady and the compliance with laws and rules should be the top priority for all parties involved to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for both sides.

Picture provided thanks to: Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

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