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  • Conversations: Navigating Taboo Topics

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Conversations: Navigating Taboo Topics

Learn the art of navigating taboo topics during escort conversations, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, and ensuring a memorable experience for your client.


One of the most common questions new escorts ask is, "What should I talk about with clients?" While it would be nice to have a clear plan to follow, each conversation is unique and takes its own course. However, there are certain topics escorts should avoid in conversations with clients to avoid leaving a negative impression and to protect their own safety and privacy.

An escort date is not fundamentally different from other types of dates. Unpleasant events such as illnesses, personal tragedies, and crises should be avoided as conversation topics.

The only exception is if the client wants to talk about these things themselves. Moreover, political or religious topics should also be avoided, as they can unnecessarily cause conflict.

Unlike a first date without payment, erotic and sensual topics are certainly acceptable during an escort date. However, each escort should decide where their personal boundaries lie.

If a client brings up a topic that makes you uncomfortable, such as anal sex, it's essential to communicate your boundaries clearly.

Gossiping about other escorts or past dates is also an absolute no-go.

If you speak poorly about others, the client may wonder what you're saying about them behind their back. Likewise, discussing details about the agency's management or internal affairs should also be avoided. While some clients may ask questions about other escorts in the agency, it's best to give neutral answers and change the subject.

Private topics should be off-limits

An escort date is an informal meeting where the client should be the focus, but it's still important not to ask too many personal questions. The client wants to enjoy a carefree time and often has topics they don't want to discuss, such as family or their workplace. Some clients, like some escorts, may not want to reveal their true name, and that's okay.

Similarly, as an escort, you don't have to answer every question asked of you. Information from your real life, such as your name, address, or family status, should be kept private.

Some clients may ask questions they don't actually want an honest answer to, such as whether you have a partner or children. It's best to prepare a response for these situations that gracefully redirects the conversation.

Some men have a voyeuristic tendency and want to know in detail what you've done with other clients. It's essential to deflect these questions gracefully, as you don't want to give the impression that you gossip about your lovers' sexual preferences and performances.

In summary, here are the taboo topics for escort conversations

Personal information about the escort (real name, family status, education, address)

Personal details about the client, unless they bring them up themselves

Gossip about other escorts or clients

Internal affairs of the agency or escort service

Political controversies or controversial topics

Sexual topics that violate personal boundaries

Crises, illnesses, or personal tragedies

When steering the conversation, the responsibility for a successful discussion falls on both parties.

Some clients may want to talk about topics that aren't appropriate for an escort date, or may ask personal questions that you don't want to answer. In these situations, it's important to redirect the conversation politely. A simple "I'd rather not talk about that" can be enough to avoid uncomfortable situations. Alternatively, you can give neutral or evasive responses like "I'm not sure" or "Let's talk about something else."

There's no secret recipe for successful conversations with clients

Sometimes, the chemistry just isn't right, or there aren't any shared interests. However, the art of being an escort is being able to spend a good time with the client despite these challenges. By actively listening, being attentive, and creating a positive conversation atmosphere, you can establish a pleasant environment for both parties and provide your client with an unforgettable experience.

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